Submission is now closed

For submitting the results, you need to register to receive the teamID, process the test images, generate the boundary box of each parasitic egg found, and identify its egg type. You are allowed to submit your results no more than 4 times/day. You submit the results in the JSON format as described below.

Results Format

We follow COCO result format (example JSON) for object detection. Each result struct must contains the name of the image from which the result is generated. The id will continue counting when the egg is found, so one file name may have multiple id numbers.

  • category_id 0: Ascaris lumbricoides
  • category_id 1: Capillaria philippinensis
  • category_id 2: Enterobius vermicularis
  • category_id 3: Fasciolopsis buski
  • category_id 4: Hookworm egg
  • category_id 5: Hymenolepis diminuta
  • category_id 6: Hymenolepis nana
  • category_id 7: Opisthorchis viverrine
  • category_id 8: Paragonimus spp
  • category_id 9: Taenia spp. egg
  • category_id 10: Trichuris trichiura

{“annotations”: [ 
{“id”: int,
“file_name”: str,
“category_id”: int, 
“bbox”: [x,y,width,height]} 

The deadline of Challenge paper submission is 22 April 2022. All submitted papers will be reviewed as the regular tracks. Please submit your paper at the IEEE ICIP website.